Integrate goals, habits and values into your everyday routines

Our values are best represented by the actions we take. Take action during the time you most control: your mornings and evenings.  Routinist removes the ‘when’ so you can focus on the ‘what’.







Understand Your Time Limitations

Planning to hit the gym in the morning?  Routinist shows you when you’ll need to go to bed to have enough time.

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 Reduce Decision Fatigue

Routinist takes the decisions out of your daily routines, so you have more willpower throughout the day.


Reminders When It Matters 

Follow a routine checklist and see what’s next at exactly the time you need to.

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Get Enough Sleep

Routinist updates its bedtime reminders, so you get the sleep you need and have time to complete your routines.


Optimize Your Routine

Tweak the time, order and frequency of actions anytime (yes – even during an active routine).


How It Works

Create your routines

Choose your morning (and evening) actions and estimate time for each action.

Set sleep and departure times

Provide the time you leave for work in the morning and the amount of sleep you need to be at your best. Routinist will calculate your bed time, wake up time, etc. so you see your time constraints and prioritize.

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Get started

Begin your routines when your optimized reminders are received. Complete, skip, undo, and even update your actions/times before or during your routine with the most flexible routine app available.

Routine List

“You’ve never arrived, you’re always becoming” – J.J. Reddick

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